Luke 15:5 

I am the vine, you are the branches.  He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit; for without ME you can do nothing."

While I am grateful about the work, I know it's not I - but the one whom was sent  that we would have  life and have it more  abundantly!  He is the TRUE vine!  

I am Thankful for every testimony by the eye witness accounts below...

All Glory belongs to ABBA FATHER!



November 18, 2018


Habakkuk 2

Write what you see.Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what’s coming.
It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn’t lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It’s on its way. It will come right on time. 








Food for Thought



Have you ever stopped to think how much time is wasted in a day.  Did you know there are 86,400 seconds in a day.  That being said how productive are you in the day you've been given?  

Are you Present


How conscious are you?  Are you so busy with life, you are exhausting your mind by mining the daily toil, tasks and/or distractions?  If so it's time to tap into another level of consciousness which will bring awareness of who you are and what you are created to 'Be' and do.

No Disconnect


" In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps.   The steps of a man are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in his way.    A man's steps are from the LORD, so how can anyone understand his own way? "



The Essence of Life Check Circle - Ohio ...8/18/18



  • "I am so thankful for Coach Samuel. He is highly gifted and anointed in prophetically teaching, to say the least. What I value about him the most makes me think of the scripture that talks about how God takes us from glory to glory to glory. Being a true son of God, Coach Samuel, has that same cause and effect in his teaching style. He makes you feel welcomed, grasps your attention, checks your antennas to see if you are actually present, and then before you know it you are in the midst of brilliant revelation and wisdom to the point where you can tangibly sense freedom. He has a way of removing the fog and fine tuning the vision! Praise God for this man, his family, his ministry and his obedience!"
  • "Not really knowing what to expect, I can honestly say it was far beyond anything I could have imagined.  I truly believe everyone walked away without a doubt the presence of something greater than everyone in the room was truly there.  It was glorious to see the tangible presence of God that met everyone that afternoon!"
  • "My experience with Life Check Circle was eye opening. I didn’t know what to expect when I first arrived but I immediately felt the energy in the room. It was very welcoming as Coach Sam was very interactive with everyone. Although, I don’t like being in the “hot seat” I had a feeling I was going to called to the front next. I was super nervous but in my head eager to hear what the Lord had for me.
    The conversation with everyone the entire time was very relaxed and it was important to get the crowd out of their shell. So we can feed off of one another and continue to have substance with the conversation. It didn’t feel like it lasted so long and with the breaks in between that helped. I liked how nothing was exaggerated and simple words were used. Acknowledgement is important in this stage in my life, so I enjoyed being greeted at the door.. that also made me feel like “this won’t be too bad.”
    The topic was good and what seemed essential for everyone in their lives. I think we all were able to take something from this: be bold, be YOU, know who you are in Christ, you don’t have to please the world, (Mark 8:36), whatever (good)you do for the Kingdom- make it intentional."

All Things Divine


Endless Love

 My first encounter with Toni was of her entering an establishment where... Her entire countenance was saturated with the intensity of magnificent brilliance

Toni is a person of outstanding worth.  She faithfully challenges me to... keep my purposed destiny in view.  And to always rise above the views of this world...

 I am who God says I am.  I have what  He says I have.  I certainly see things from a positive clear lens...  I accept the truth...  I now set my mind on things which enhances my journey in this life of abundance.  I am so very grateful for Toni who always encourages me to keep my eyes on the prize.  She always says, ‘every moment counts.’  

Truly you are an excellent mentor.

O Taste and See...


"What a beautiful time with ladies who love truth and one another.  I was Blessed by their Love and enthusiasm to hear about the journey of DIVINE KEYS.  Terri (R) and Donna (L) are two DIVINE #Appointments that lead to this Encounter."

T. Rene' Brooks


Essence of the Encounter: 

"Thank you so much for sharing your personal testimony with my Bible Study group.  We were all so very blessed and inspired...! I had multiple women come and share with me how much it meant to hear you share your love and trust in God through challenging times and how you allowed HIM to use you and push you WAY out of your comfort zone. It's one thing to study the love of God and be hearers of the word, but it is quite another thing to hear how another sister translate that into obedience and became an active doer of the Word. As sisters in Christ, we want to encourage and inspire each other in our walk with Jesus, so I thank you for doing just that!"


Terri Hoover (Your sister in Christ)


The Divine Keys Retreat

"Essence of the Retreat"


Imagine going on vacation and being suddenly surprised to find out that you were actually in the midst of a weeklong retreat.  As a writer I love plot twists, and God has an awesome sense of humor.  My cherished friend, and divinely appointed Spiritual Accountability partner, Ms. Toni Reneé Brooks, invited me to visit her home during Spring Break. From the moment I arrived I was aware of the sublime Peace of God that rests on Toni’s home.  

By the third night I plainly stated to Toni that I now saw it; I was indeed fortunate to be attending the First Annual Divine Keys Healing Retreat.  The days seemed to flow seamlessly into the next, sometimes being awake in prayer, worship and in His presence into the wee hours of the morning. 

The overriding theme of this retreat was transparency, as each day brought revelation, insight, breakthrough, answers and strategies for going deeper and further. It’s remarkable how Abba speaks to us, uniquely and individually.   I know that a key aspect that He wanted to address with me is the matter of commanding my day by meeting with Him, seeking Him and setting the tone of my day.  Anyone that knows Toni knows that she is a powerful prayer warrior, an intecessor forever on her watch and a vigilant soldier for the Kingdom.  I was able to not only see, but also hear each morning as she arose early to prepare for work.  Hearing talking each morning, I initially assumed that she was on the phone.  Something about the tone of the conversation would draw me out of bed, because it didn’t sound like anyone was on the other end.  Upon closer inspection I would come into the hall to see that Toni wasn’t on the phone, but meeting with Abba.  I would listen and watch as she ironed her clothes, decreeing, declaring and setting the tone for her day.  It was powerful and Abba showed me what I wasn’t doing that was a missing “divine key” to victory.  Without missing a beat Toni would whip out strategies for commanding both my day and evening. 

Truly, my visit with Toni mirrored retreats I had attended before.  While it wasn’t held at a hotel or resort, it nonetheless offered familiar hallmarks.  I noticed that I tended to not answer calls, or texts until I was en route to return home.  I also noticed that similar to retreats I’ve attended in the past, I was able to spend time reflecting in the presence of nature from Toni’s deck.  The food was delicious, as we each took turns cooking.  Another participant, Ms. Nicole Beard, also has a powerful anointing and one of her many gifts from Abba is dreams and visions.  Throughout my stay, Ms. Beard recounted several dreams with stunningly keen and accurate insight as to what Abba was speaking.

Lastly, I joked several times throughout my stay that just as a formal retreat, I expected to receive a gift bag with some hand sanitizer, and a bottle of Divine Keys water.  True to her spirit of excellence, on the last day Toni did indeed give me a gift bag that contained a framed picture representing the Lion of Judah with the keys to the kingdom in its mouth.  This picture is deeply personal and references a prophetic word spoken over me several years ago.  Attending the First Annual Divine Keys Healing Retreat was an experience that I will never forget, and my words don’t adequately capture all that I experienced, so I suggest that you register for the next one.  One thing for sure, is something that Abba showed me before I travelled to this retreat; these two mighty women of God are divinely appointed in my life, and I will know them for the duration of my lifetime.  

Toni and Nicole, with much love and many blessings, I say “Thank You” for a lifetime.

Robin Lynn Harris, M.A.

The Divine Keys Retreat was anointed.   With an open agenda, we were lead to connect through conversational confessions that resulted in life-changing breakthroughs and tears of joy. There was no doubting that the Holy Spirit designed our gathering for such a time.

Given the gift of hosting, Toni Brooks ushered us into the inner courts with Our Abba, Father; where we then released all obstacles to freedom.

Coming from Iowa into fresh soil rendered a new understanding of how God desired me to transition from the ‘then’ and into the ‘now’. It was an honor as wisdom was humbly imparted and understanding assisted in the development of discernment . The restorative work that was done is  immeasurable. Support, transparency, sisterhood, and genuine Love were the Keys I received.

During the time shared I had a dream and the last thing I heard was, ‘Doing it better than it’s ever been done before.” Certainly, the DK Retreat was better than ever! I would greatly encourage those seeking healing and renewal to consider the great work God is doing through Miss Toni Brooks and Divine Keys.

Nicole Beard, Creative Encouragement LLC

Encountering the Essence


 I am proud to say that Toni has been my spiritual momma for over a decade now. I am so thankful for her precious life and the impact and influence she has had on me and my family.

By the Grace of God that is evident in her life: She has been there for me in the midst of my darkest hours. She has nursed my wounds, dried my tears, and has even shown me how to keep on moving forward. She has been like a breathe of fresh air when the weight of this world had me to believe my lungs were collapsing. She has illuminated so many simple notions that I thought were very complex. She has selflessly taken countless hours out of her own personal life, and I would venture to say....in the midst of her own personal problems, to minister and love on me with absolutely nothing to gain from it all. She is a true inspiration. An amazingly true friend. Anointed woman of God. A soldier. A warrior. And she is one of my most cherished, divinely-appointed gifts that I have ever received from God!

My friend, the very fact you are reading this, tells me that God is about to do something extraordinary in you because of your obedience of this woman. Brace yourself because I have absolutely no doubt your life is about to be changed! To God be the Glory now and forevermore!

- Moriah Morrisett - Indianapolis, IN