The Willing Vessel


My journey was comprised of choices that snared, thoughts of condemnation that tormented, and unbelief that negated my faith.  The experience of hardships and adversity, the bad choices, fear, hurt and pain  were the backdrop for my private suffering and public scrutiny.  I had a false sense of self, and my desire to be more was plagued by people pleasing. Growing weary over time, it was vital to forego life as usual. The type of usual and familiar ways that for so long crashed my opportunity of God given success. Living with familiarity, stagnation and procrastination, took a toll on me. I knew I needed a real LIFE-line and I got it through Divine Keys.  

But through it all - I was always focused on helping others overcome the crisis I had endured. Why do so many people walk around their entire life masquerading.  Because they don't know their true identity and as a result they wear mask and establish false identities from false perceptions. Discovering who you really are helps you discover your Purpose.  The freedom that comes when masks are removed, facades cease and all the characters are exposed.  That's when the real identity is revealed!  What a "DIVINE "Reveal[ation]".  

My deep passion for mentoring others, has been my constant reminder - I was born for this!  The Foundation of Divine Keys is to challenge false perceptions created by fear, pain, shame, guilt and regret - and to awaken others to the Promises of Life... for they are Sure and Sealed!  These promises allow us to excel above exceedingly and abundantly above all you could ask or think kind of life. Because that is the kind of Creator we serve  He is ALL Wise , ALL Knowing.  and ALL Loving ( check out his love in John 3:16).  

The CORE of Divine Keys penetrates the depths of one's soul to reveal the seed of strongholds and baggage that have consciously or subconsciously taken root in the heart (thus plaguing many). Through the help of the Set Apart -Spirit of God also known as the Comforter - the role of Divine Keys is to help detoxify contamination of the soul brought on by thoughts, traditions, upbringing, struggles, self-rejection, self-loathing, lies, doubt and unbelief, charades and unforgiveness.   


Divine Keys is divinely designed to help you willing dig deep into the well-spring of life you've been given?   Interestingly enough ...Chris O'Donnell  wrote - "God Knows your Heart, But you Don't"...he stated: "While God knows your heart in every way imaginable, the truth is that you do not, at least not fully. You do not have perfect clarity and objectivity when you think about yourself. The eyes with which you use to evaluate yourself are somewhat blurry." In other words -without insight, the intent and motives of your heart are skewed by one's thought process and influenced by misdeeds and misunderstandings.

As a result, many have heart conditions that go undetected.  If a man excels on the outside and never truly experiences freedom from within - (i.e. dealing with the matter's of the heart) - he's unfulfilled and pretentious. Always striving to be better than the next person and never fulfilling Truth and potential based on the greatness inside. One can be certain, It's the Truth you know that makes you free. I chose to pursue TRUTH and succeeded in overcoming every obstacle that tried to hinder me. 

Divine Keys is designed to be the Light to others. "Break open your word within me until revelation-light shines out! Those with open hearts are given insight into your plans (Psalm 199:130 TPT). Divine Keys sparks hope. Hope deferred kills  The TRUTH is everyone who's willing to do the work can be FREE! You are truly one decision away from Soaring to Higher Heights...Purpose is within and Destiny is waiting on you! Are you ready?...







M.B.A. Indiana Wesleyan University

B.S. Wilberforce University

Quote Reference:

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

- Proverbs 27:17