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DIVINE KEYS is a platform created to help others discover their TRUE IDENTITY. The services provided are designed to test the heart.  If the heart isn't functioning properly niether will the body, the soul and the spirit. each client. We foster and facilitate personal development through teaching, mentoring, defining & re-aligning, re-birth and re-direction through a series of life-altering revelation and knowledge. Divine Keys strategically addresses the essence of one's Being based on who you are created to Be vs. who he or she thinks they are.

Do you know who you are...Do you "Truly Know Who You Are." Often times, many people when asked: "Who are you?" They'll tell you... their title and/or occupation, their accomplishments, their network and for some their net-worth. What they're saying is:  I Don't Know Who I Am? Not knowing who you are is a clear sign of Identity Crisis.

One of my favorite real life examples of a person who experienced (lived with) an Identity Crisis was Moses. Born with a Purpose & a road map, a plan that defined his Destiny. Yet He had to deal with who he really was. And when Moses came to terms with who he really was. He re-directed his thought patterns.  He no longer thinking he was incapable of fulfilling his Purpose & Destiny). Moses received revelation and wisdom which empowered him to stand over any obstacle sent to further keep him captive in an Identity that was far from his own (kept him from BEing who he was created to be. Thereby eradicating his Identity Crisis' and changing not only his life, but it shifted the entire trajectory of the lives of millions. Moses by his obedience to EloHim, the I AM that I AM received revelation of whom he was through Him! (Exodus 1:8 - 2:10). 

Just think on that for a moment...

What about you...Who Are You? You too were born with a Purpose and a Destiny to fulfill. 

Through Divine Wisdom Keys one can journey along a pathway of healthy affirmations and revelation of the essence oneself through Creation. There is only one you & you were uniquely designed by and for "The ORIGINAL CREATOR" - which makes you a Designer Original! The Most High God designed you for a Purpose from the BEginning! Your Purpose and Destiny are tied to the real you! It doesn't matter who you think you've become, nor who you think your're not -- there's still more to you than your mind can conceive. Divine Keys is a conduit to help you and others realize it's never too late to start Living your BEST LIFE!  It's yours to live and no one can live it  better than you!

Divine Keys 

predestined to 

Eradicate Identity Crisis!

Rise UP - YOU!

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